The user paid almost $ 60,000 for the release of NFT in honor of The Merge

The user paid almost $ 60,000 for the release of NFT in honor of The Merge

In the first block after the Ethereum transition to the consensus algorithm Proof-OF-STAKE, the user released NFT, paying 36.8 ETH (~ $ 58 700) as a transaction commission for a transaction commission.

The activation of BTC holds for 19 The Merge took place on September 15 at about 9:42 (Kyiv/Moscow time) after the terminal complexity of the network at the mark of 58,750,000,000,000,000,000,000.

The last Pow block in the blockchain was #15 537 393. The F2Pool mining pool added a comment to it:

“You take obligations, and nature will answer this, eliminating possible obstacles. Dream of unrealizable, and the world will not trample you, but will raise you. This is a trick ".

In the first POS block, Hashkey Capital inserted a message:

"Launch of the next wave of blockchain-innovations".

The user included in it with a transaction and minted NFT called The Transition . The collection presented on the Opensea market includes 100 tokens dedicated to the merger in Ethereum. At the time of writing, the maximum offer from collectors is 0.6 ETH.

The total reward of the validators for the block #15 537 394 was 45 ETH. On the previous miners earned 44.5 ETH.

Recall that the founder of Consensys and one of the creators of Ethereum Joseph Lyubin called The Merge "the third major NFT. 10 властивостей, event in the crypto industry".

However, according to CTO Bitfinex and Tether Paolo Ardoino, the update will not solve the problems of the network with scalability and decentralization.

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